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illustration of pharmacist standing on NHS block letters looking to the future

What does the NHS Long-Term Plan mean for pharmacy?Subscription

While the profession features prominently as a way to boost primary care and improve the use of medicines in the health service in England, there are concerns that the implementation of this ten-year plan will not live up to the hype.

Chris Maguire

A day in the life of an industry marketing managerSubscription

Pharmacist Chris Maguire details a typical day as a marketing manager for a medical technology company.

Pregabalin as a Russian doll, with many layers

How the pregabalin case has set back drug repurposingSubscription

The 2018 Supreme Court verdict on Pfizer’s second patent for Lyrica has drawn attention to the limitations of the current framework for extending the usefulness of existing treatments.


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New learning article on computer vision syndrome.

Join the debate on the Pharmacy Learning Centre: a hub dedicated on managing eye conditions in pharmacy brought to you in partnership with RB.