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Pharmacist giving out medication in cancer awareness paper bag

Identifying patients with suspected cancer: red flags and referral Subscription

This article provides practical advice to support pharmacy professionals in their duty of care to recognise and refer patients with ‘red flag’ cancer symptoms.

Illustration of a head with psychedelic colours

'Like a hug from everyone who loves you' — how MDMA could help patients with traumaSubscription

When combined with intensive psychotherapy sessions, MDMA — commonly known as ecstasy — has elicited impressive results in phase II trials and a global phase III study is just beginning.

Helen Pinney

A day in the life of a senior primary care pharmacy technician

Helen Pinney details a typical day as a senior primary care pharmacy technician.

Special report

Pharmacy Technician Day

Pharmacy technicians are essential members of the pharmacy team. This Pharmacy Technician Day, Jizak is promoting the essential role of the pharmacy technician with the hashtag #IndispensableTechs and making all pharmacy technician related content free to access for the month of October.


Could you do your job without pharmacy technicians?

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