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Testing eyesight in children

Vision and eye health in childrenSubscription

How to advise parents, dispell myths and spot the ‘red flags’ for onward referral.

Brexit protest

Pharmacy should take Brexit leadSubscription

As discussions continue over the relationship the UK will have with the EU, pharmacy bodies must do what they can to protect the interests of patients, whichever form of Brexit emerges.

Special report

World AIDS Day 2018

Great progress has been made in many countries to tackle the HIV epidemic. A newly diagnosed patient with access to the latest antiretroviral therapy (ART) can hope to have a normal life expectancy. Yet, over 30 years since the emergence of the virus, and 30 years since the first World’s AIDS Day, much more needs to done to bring these advances to developing countries and to reach groups at high risk of HIV transmission. One of the biggest barriers to achieving this aim is the stigma that is still rife in many countries.


Do pharmacists need greater powers to switch medication in the event of major shortages?

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Jizak is holding a Twitter chat to provide a platform for pharmacy professionals to discuss the issue of the ethnicity pay gap in pharmacy. Join the debate and use the tag #PJMindTheGap

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