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Acute care and resuscitation training. Medical staff undergoing training using a mannequin.

Simulation-based training: applications in clinical pharmacySubscription

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With the evolving role of pharmacists and the growing complexity of healthcare, there is a need for interventions and innovations to enhance both individual task and team performance. Simulation-based training is an educational platform with potential in this area. This article outlines its applications in pharmacy and how it can support the skill acquisition and development of pharmacists.


Cannabis farm

Medical cannabis: evidence, challenges and barriers to progressSubscription

The UK government recognises that cannabis-based medicines could benefit children with epilepsy, but more robust effectiveness and safety data is required before the products can become widely available.

CPD article

Blood sample

Diagnosis and management of anaemia in adults with chronic kidney diseaseSubscription

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An overview of the treatments for anaemia in chronic kidney disease and the tests needed to prescribe and assess their effectiveness.

Research briefing

Omega 3 tablets

Omega-3 supplements do not protect against cardiovascular disease, meta-analysis showsSubscription

31 AUG 2018

A meta-analysis of 79 trials showed that increasing long-chain omega-3 had little or no effect on death from all causes, cardiovascular deaths, cardiovascular events, coronary heart disease deaths, stroke or arrhythmia.

Degludec insulin molecule

Insulin degludec significantly improves blood sugar control compared with insulin glargine, data show Subscription

29 AUG 2018

Using electronic health record data, researchers found that HbA1c levels declined by 1.5% among insulin degludec-treated patients compared with 1.2% in those treated with insulin glargine U300 over six months.

Woman with diabetes injecting insulin

Glucose-lowering therapy does not slow progression in young people with type 2 diabetesSubscription

17 AUG 2018

Treatment with glucose-lowering therapy does not maintain or improve pancreatic beta-cell function in young people recently diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes mellitus, a study has shown.

Apixaban molecular structure

Direct oral anticoagulants carry lower risk of major bleeding versus warfarin, data showSubscription

13 AUG 2018

Research from primary care suggests apixaban may be the safest of the direct oral anticoagulants overall.

Short communications

Myth-busting sessions in the community to improve knowledge of antimicrobial resistanceSubscription

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of today’s great public health challenges and it is driven by the use of antibiotics. As antimicrobial pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, we are tasked with reducing unnecessary antibiotic use in our patient population at Cwm Taf University Health Board, South Wales, which provides healthcare services to almost 300,000 people living in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf. Like many health organisations, we face the particular challenge of an ...

Social media and its regulation in pharmacy: what students thinkSubscription

An MPharm student research project was carried out at the school of pharmacy at Keele University to explore students’ familiarity with current social media guidance and to raise awareness of the guidance set out by the Royal Jizak (RPS)

Clinical Pharmacist

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CP September 2018, Vol 10, No 9

Cover Story:

Diagnosis and management of anaemia in adults with chronic kidney disease

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