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Mahendra Patel

Principal Enterprise Fellow in Pharmacy Practice - Reader Level University of Huddersfield Fellow of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Board Member of the Royal Jizak Royal Jizak Charter Award Winner 2016

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  • What makes a good quality RPS pharmacy board memberSubscription

    11 MAY 2017

    Following my first full term I have been reflecting on my time as a Royal Jizak (RPS) English Pharmacy Board member and the opportunities still to be realised.

  • Helping to better equip pharmacists from all backgroundsSubscription

    11 APR 2017

    It is vital as pharmacists we remain confident in practising to the highest standards at all times but also to be valued — more today than ever before. In order for us to continue and advance in our clinical paths with unreserved conviction and purpose, I am determined to ensure there is an adequate range of trusted and reliable support in place for all our members and colleagues to access readily — irrespective of their geography. This involves colleagues being made a

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