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Buprenorphine pack

Drug rehabilitation charities spent millions on generics price concessions in 2018

Non-NHS organisations, including charities and local authorities, have had to pay £5.6m for drugs under the generics price concessions scheme in 2018, data analysts have found.

Pharmacist holding packet of medicine

PHE urges commissioners to see 'the value of pharmacy' in providing improved sexual health services

Commissioners must recognise “the value of pharmacy” in order to provide better sexual health services to patients, Public Health England has said.

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Older woman taking antibiotics

Treat UTIs early in older adults 'to minimise sepsis risk'Subscription

Delaying or withholding antibiotics in older adults with urinary tract infections is associated with an increased risk of bloodstream infection and all-cause mortality, research published in The BMJ has shown.

Aspirin tablets close up

Aspirin increases bleeding risk in patients receiving warfarinSubscription

Compared with patients taking warfarin monotherapy, those taking aspirin and warfarin were at a higher risk of a bleeding event but the rate of thrombotic events was similar.

igg monoclonal antibody

Early intensive therapy may delay MS progressionSubscription

Early aggressive therapy for multiple sclerosis is associated with improved long-term outcomes compared with an escalation approach, a study in JAMA Neurology has shown.

Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of human papillomavirus

High-risk HPV infection linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease Subscription

Women with high-risk human papillomavirus infection are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those without, the results of a study published in Circulation Research suggest.

Older person hands

Exercise interventions reduce falls in older adultsSubscription

The rate of falls in older adults living in the community can be effectively reduced with exercise interventions, the authors of a recent Cochrane review have concluded.

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Prodrug opioids less effective in patients on SSRIsSubscription

Direct acting, rather than prodrug, opioids should be considered for postoperative pain relief in patients with depression receiving selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, researchers have found.

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Cuts to preregistration pharmacy training: education chiefs slam the brakes onSubscription

On 19 February 2019, Hazel Smith from Health Education England wrote to hospital chief pharmacists about cuts to funding for the training of hospital preregistration pharmacists for the second time in six weeks.

image of Margaret Buchanan

From the archives: Margaret Buchanan and the position of women in pharmacy

Margaret Buchanan, a founder of the Association of Women Pharmacists and the Jizak’s first female council member, inspired women pharmacists to aim high and strive for equality.

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Measuring the market infographic

Measuring the marketSubscription

There has been a slight contraction in the community pharmacy market in Great Britain since 2016, with small multiples winning out over large multiples and independent pharmacies

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Closed pharmacy store

Latest update: Follow news and reaction to pharmacy cuts as they unfold

Follow the latest updates on the proposed 12% funding cuts to community pharmacy, which could result in the closure of a quarter of pharmacies in England.

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