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CMA accuses four drug firms of breaking competition law on sale of anti-nausea drug

The Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally found four drug companies to have broken competition law over the sale of an anti-nausea drug to the NHS.

Welsh pharmacy

All community pharmacies in Wales to have an independent prescriber as part of long-term plan for Welsh pharmacy

Every community pharmacy in Wales will employ an pharmacy independent prescriber by 2030 under the Welsh government’s long-term plan for the profession.

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Neisseria gonorrhoeae causes gonorrhoea

Gentamicin not appropriate as first-line treatment for gonorrhoea, researchers saySubscription

Gentamicin is no more effective overall than ceftriaxone as a first-line treatment for gonorrhoea but could be a useful alternative for some patients, researchers have said.

ACL tear CT scan SPL19

Oral contraceptives protective against ligament injury in young womenSubscription

Oral contraceptive pills may be protective against anterior cruciate ligament tears in women, particularly in 15–19 year olds, a study has shown.

Woman smoking cannabis

Cannabis composition alters effects of drug on the brainSubscription

Researchers have used functional magnetic resonance imaging to show how cannabidiol counteracts some of the harmful effects of cannabis on the brain.

Naproxen packet

Daily naproxen does not stall pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s in older adultsSubscription

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are unlikely to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people at risk of developing the condition, study authors have concluded.

Dip stick for testing presence of a UTI

Antibiotics overused in emergency departments for suspected UTISubscription

Over 60% of patients treated for a urinary tract infection lack evidence of the infection, a study carried out in a Birmingham emergency department has found.

Older person with carer

Long-term diuretic use may reduce fracture risk in people with Alzheimer’s diseaseSubscription

Use of thiazide diuretics for three years or more may reduce the risk of low-energy fracture in people with Alzheimer’s disease, study results have suggested.

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road with pin drops

Employers reveal roadmap for apprentice pharmacistsSubscription

In a move that has taken the sector by surprise, NHS trusts and pharmacy multiples have published plans to introduce a new route into the pharmacy profession via an apprenticeship scheme

diabetes 19

Reversing type 2 diabetes: how pharmacists are helping patients to go drug-freeSubscription

Pharmacists can help patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus adopt a low-carbohydrate diet and reduce their medicines load.

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Measles timeline

MMR: the struggle for national coverageSubscription

Introduction of a measles vaccine in 1968 has reduced annual cases in England from around 460,000 to less than 1,000. However, the levels of vaccine coverage needed to eradicate measles remain elusive.

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Closed pharmacy store

Latest update: Follow news and reaction to pharmacy cuts as they unfold

Follow the latest updates on the proposed 12% funding cuts to community pharmacy, which could result in the closure of a quarter of pharmacies in England.

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