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Pharmacy cuts

Latest update: Follow news and reaction to pharmacy cuts as they unfold

Friday 4 November, 1:30pm

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has outlined its plans to respond to the government’s imposition of a funding cut to community pharmacy, including a potential legal challenge, but has advised against strike action. Read the full story.


See more of our coverage in our special report on the pharmacy funding cuts.


Wednesday 2 November, 4:20pm

MPs vote against the Opposition Motion on community pharmacy funding by 305 to 211.

MPs vote against the Opposition Motion on community pharmacies by 305 to 211

— House of Commons (@HouseofCommons)


Wednesday 2 November, 12:50pm

MPs debate the government’s proposed cuts to community pharmacy funding. .


Wednesday 2 November, 12:30pm

NHS England has a lack of understanding of community, local pharmaceutical committees agreed at their annual conference. Read the full story.


Wednesday 2 November, 11:30am

Supporters of community pharmacy gather at Westminster to oppose the government’s proposed funding cuts.

It’s like herding cats

— Steve Mosley (@thatMosley)

Pharmacists, , Labour MPs and supporters gather outside parliament to oppose the proposed pharmacy cuts

— Training Matters (@TMmagazineUK)

So now the conference is marching to Westminster, here come the pharmacists!

— Tom Kallis (@TK_MPharm)


Wednesday 2 November, 9:50am

MPs to stand with pharmacists on College Green, Westminster, against funding cuts that could see the closure of some community pharmacies.

MPs will be showing our solidarity with local community pharmacists facing closures, cuts & job losses at 1130 on College Green, Westminster

— Michael Dugher MP (@MichaelDugher)


Wednesday 2 November, 8:20am

MPs to vote on community pharmacy funding cuts in House of Commons today. .

We’ll be voting against Tory pharmacy cuts today in Commons. I’m talking to regional radio stations now asking people to lobby their Tory MP

— Jonathan Ashworth MP (@JonAshworth)

Today MPs have the chance to stand up for community Pharmacies, to support better primary care & oppose £170m Tory cut & 1000’s closures

— Graham Jones MP (@GrahamJones_MP)

Several Tory MPs voiced their concerns about Govt cuts to their local community pharmacies. Let’s see how many vote against the cuts today.

— Michael Dugher MP (@MichaelDugher)


Tuesday 1 November, 2:45pm

Multiple offers law firm Charles Russell Speechlys funding for QC review of the government’s plans for community pharmacy.

We have offer from a multiple to fund obtaining a QC’s opinion on . Hope our unique expertise will add value to legal steps.

— David Reissner (@davidreissner)


Tuesday 1 November, 2:25pm

The National Pharmacy Association plans to protest the government’s pharmacy funding cuts on 2 November, 12pm.

If you’re in London & free at 12pm tomorrow, please join our group to help us protest the govt’s plans for pharmacy:

— NPA (@NPA1921)


Thursday 27 October, 1:30pm

Royal Jizak (RPS) Wales welcomes the Welsh Government’s commitment to funding community pharmacy.

, Vaughan Gething, cabinet secretary for health, well-being and sport, said: “Let me reassure you, the health and social services budget in Wales for the current and financial year does not include any proposals to reduce investment in community pharmacy”.

Suzanne Scott-Thomas, chair of RPS Wales, said: “This is a welcome intervention from the cabinet secretary at a time when pharmacists in Wales are concerned about funding reductions in England … The two year commitment to funding community pharmacy in Wales is a testament to excellent patient care that pharmacists are providing to patients and the public.” .

RPS Wales expect to hear more about Mr Gething’s future plans for community pharmacy in Wales when he speaks at the .

Read the full story.

Thursday 27 October, 2:30pm

PSNC updates its and , which now includes quality payments and an option for those eligible for the pharmacy access scheme.

The calculator “allows contractors to easily view an estimated income simply by entering the number of items dispensed per month”, says the PSNC.


Wednesday 26 October, 2:20pm

David Reissner, an expert in UK pharmacy and health law, encourages those opposed to the cuts to contribute to the cost of a QC review of the Department of Health’s decision.

Anyone intrestd in contrib to the cost of QC’s opinion shd email [email protected] by 4pm Friday.

— David Reissner (@davidreissner)


Wednesday 26 October, 1:00pm

Michael Dugher MP leads protest against the government’s cuts to community pharmacy funding.

Thanks to everyone who joined me today in Worsbrough to protest against Govt cuts to community pharmacies

— Michael Dugher MP (@MichaelDugher)


Tuesday 25 October, 22:00pm

“Pharmacy cuts will only add to pressure on creaking NHS”, writes Michael Dugher MP in The Yorkshire Post. .

Pharmacy cuts will only add to pressure on creaking NHS - My piece in today’s

— Michael Dugher MP (@MichaelDugher)


Monday 24 October, 12:02pm

David Reissner, a lawyer specialising in UK pharmacy and health law at Charles Russell Speechlys LLP, criticises the Department of Health’s impact assessment of funding cuts to community pharmacy.

I’ve read Impact Assessment underpinning . Another ? Includes spin to justify decision made last December.

— David Reissner (@davidreissner)


Monday 24 October, 11:15am

The All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG) said that it will “investigate and scrutinise the Government’s reform of community pharmacy funding” in a statement published today. .

Kevin Barron MP, chair of the APPG, said: “It’s important to me that no community is left without a pharmacy, but also that pharmacies which remain open don’t have to cut back on the services they provide.”


Friday 21 October, 10:51am

Pharmacy media respond to the Department of Health’s impact assessment of funding cuts to community pharmacy “in 2016/17 and beyond”. .

Hm. So. The first sentence of impact assessment for community pharmacy is “we have no idea of impact on community pharmacy”

— Emma Louise (@Legitimate_page)

. reading impact assessment - line 1: “No reliable way of est. number of pharmacies that may close as result of this policy”

— Michael Dowdall (@michael_dowdall)

Line 2: “Potential inc travel time & economic cost for pts who have to travel further if nearest community pharmacy closes”

— Michael Dowdall (@michael_dowdall)

Line 3: “we cannot robustly estimate this”

— Michael Dowdall (@michael_dowdall)


Thursday 20 October, 5:30pm

The Royal Jizak responds to the Department of Health’s funding package for community pharmacy: “We have consistently asked how the Government’s aspiration for the future of community pharmacy to be at the heart of the NHS can be squared with large reductions in funding.” .

RPS responds to DH final funding package:

— RPS (@rpharms)


Thursday 20 October, 4:00pm

Department of Health’s imposed funding cuts to community pharmacy cause confusion.

The maths don’t quite add up if you take at face value their prediction of £1.13 for SAF….

— Steve Mosley (@thatMosley)

If items are at 1.1bn, SAF should be about £1.20. £1.13 means they think items will be 1.166bn, or they’re hiding £100m+.

— Steve Mosley (@thatMosley)


Thursday 20 October, 2:55pm

The National Pharmacy Association, the trade association for independent community pharmacy in the UK, and Pharmacy Voice, the trade association that represents community pharmacy in England, respond to the imposed funding cuts.

Sue Sharpe, chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), says the decision “calls into question the judgment of those in control of community pharmacy policy”. .

“This is far from over.We will fight on in the light of today’s announcement” NPA Chair Ian Strachan

— NPA (@NPA1921)

Pharmacy Voice angered by Government imposition of damaging and self-defeating cuts - read more here:

— Pharmacy Voice (@PharmacyVoice)

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe reacts to funding reduction being imposed by Government

— PSNC (@PSNCNews)


Thursday 20 October, 2:45pm

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee publishes indicative income tables to help predict impact on pharmacy businesses.

Imposition update: PSNC has produced indicative income tables to help contractors predict impact on their businesses

— PSNC (@PSNCNews)


Thursday 20 October, 12:45pm

Pharmacists and MPs respond to the imposition of funding cuts to community pharmacy. Read more about David Mowat’s announcement here.

Finally got through the parliamentary statement, with lots of buffer-face going on. Not sure where to start….

— Paul Mason (@psmason73)

….one offensive and ignorant remark from Govt benches after another. Seems pharmacy only hands out pills then rolls in NHS cash after….

— Paul Mason (@psmason73)

Worrying news about the imposed detailed by today. 2 million signatories discarded just like that!

— Andrew Mole (@AJMPharm)

My response today to the Government announcement of reckless cuts to our community pharmacies:

— Michael Dugher MP (@MichaelDugher)

The Govt need to publish the analysis behind this decision, most importantly we need to see the impact assessment as promised by

— Kevin Barron MP (@KevinBarronMP)


Thursday 20 October, 12:45pm

Jizak’s Elizabeth Sukkar details the pharmacy access scheme.

The access scheme will run from 1 December 2016 to 31 March 2018

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

I have counted about 130 Boots pharmacies getting help from the access scheme

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

And there are about 106 Lloyds pharmacies on the access scheme

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)


Thursday 20 October, 11:30am

David Mowat MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health (DH), announces 2-year funding for community pharmacy: £2.687bn in 2016/17 (4% cut) and £2.592bn in 2017/18 (3.4% cut). .

We have had to make difficult decisions says; Impact assessment to released today

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

In case you missed it: the cuts 2016/17 £2.687 bn (4% drop) and 2017/18 £2.592 billion (3.4% drop)

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

NHSE plan to have minor ailments scheme rolled out nationally in 2018 : says to House

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

explains how the new Pharmacy Access Scheme will ensure those in isolated communities with high health needs will have access

— DH Media Centre (@DeptHealthPress)

1356 pharmacies which will receive the Pharmacy Access payments; here they are

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

NHS England has secured £42 million of funding for 2016-18 for a new Pharmacy Integration Fund department of health

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)


Wednesday 19 October, 16:45pm

Stay up to date on with highlights from Jizak’s Elizabeth Sukkar.

Density of the UK network is ~double the density in Holland,Sweden & Denmark; opps for us to review clustering tells MPs

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

“No community will be left without a “ promises MPs

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

Justification? 60-65% of pharmacies are owned by public companies/private equity tells MPs

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

“We do not believe that any reductions will be skewed towards the independent [pharmacy] sector” tells MPs

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)

Do not expect ppl to have appreciably more of a journey to a … talking about tens of metres, if any tells MPs

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)


Wednesday 19 October, 13:05pm

on Department of Health to reverse proposals to “cut funding that keeps thousands of pharmacies open” reaches 155,000 signatures.


Wednesday 19 October, 12:57pm

in response to the parliamentary debate on community pharmacy funding cuts held on 17 October 2016.

Read PSNC’s response to the Monday’s urgent parliamentary question on community pharmacy

— PSNC (@PSNCNews)


Wednesday 19 October, 12:30pm

Stephen Pound, Labour MP for Ealing North, challenges prime minister on “divisive, corrosive and destructive proposal” to cut funding to community pharmacies, “the heroes of the high street”.

Prime minister Theresa May says it is “right to look at how we are spending NHS money”.

Labour MP Stephen Pound asks about funding for community pharmacies

— House of Commons (@HouseofCommons)

Stephen Pound asks about the cut to funding for community pharmacies with his usual flair. Still no answer from the government.

— Kevin Barron MP (@KevinBarronMP)

And now the PM refuses to rule out community pharmacy cuts that ministers say could lead to 3000 closing

— Jonathan Ashworth MP (@JonAshworth)

Belated strike by May accusing Corbyn, in A to Stephen Pound, of wanting to nationalise GPs, Macmillan nurses & community pharmacies

— John Rentoul (@JohnRentoul)

Stephen Pound MP challenges “divisive, corrosive and destructive proposal” to cut funding to , “heroes of the high street”

— PJonline (@PJOnline_News)

MP Steven Pound calls for stop to “destructive” pharmacy cuts; PM says duty to ensure public money spent wisely

— Elizabeth Sukkar (@E_Sukkar)


Wednesday 19 October, 9:00am

Yorkshire pharmacist Darren Powell highlights the large proportion of independents, which will be vulnerable to the proposed cuts. See our full infographic on British community pharmacy in 2016 here.

Recent PJ article - these are the ones least able to defend the savaging of the govt

— Darren ☕💊📱💻📸 (@PharmacistDaz)


Tuesday 18 October, 3:38pm

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, encourages grassroots .

? Help protect them by delivering postcards in your street. Message me your name & info & I’ll drop off a bundle.

— Tom Brake MP (@thomasbrake)


Tuesday 18 October, 12:32pm

‘Future of pharmacies’ on BBC Daily Politics. .

Pharmacy APPG & make the case for community pharmacy on now - Gov. fails to send anyone…

— Pharmacy Voice (@PharmacyVoice)

No one available from the DH to speak with on Daily Politics. Hm.

— Emma Louise (@Legitimate_page)

Clip from my appearance on it is clear that there is worry across the house. Govt should engage with PSNC to find solution.

— Kevin Barron MP (@KevinBarronMP)


Tuesday 18 October, 11:41am

Kevin Barron MP, chair of the All-Party Pharmacy Group, will discuss the proposed community pharmacy cuts on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme today. .

I am going to be on today to discuss the proposed cuts to community pharmacies. We need Govt clarification now.

— Kevin Barron MP (@KevinBarronMP)


Tuesday 18 October, 7:27am

The Royal Jizak on community pharmacy reforms.

Our Q&A on latest announcements on Community pharmacy reforms Follow for more news

— RPS (@rpharms)


Monday 17 October, 5:57pm

The “government is neglecting the NHS & patients”, British doctor and TV presenter Xand van Tulleken tells Jizak.

Don’t know enough to comment. But in general this government is neglecting the NHS & patients. This seems consistent.

— Xand van Tulleken (@xandvt)


Monday 17 October, 4:44pm

Twitter responds to parliament’s urgent question on the proposed 12% funding cuts to pharmacy.

Impact assessment will be published with package. Huh? Surely assessment should be out first..

— Annabelle Collins (@CandDAnnabelle)

. constantly talking about clustering but no plan to reduce clustering. Market forces won’t solve clustering.

— Joe Bush (@josephbush)

“We need to reward those pharmacies that are trying harder than others” -

— Emma Louise (@Legitimate_page)

Pharmacies are under a dark cloud says - great summary!

— Annabelle Collins (@CandDAnnabelle)

I’m paraphrasing slightly but ’s primary response to any point is “yeah, but GP pharmacists”

— Joe Bush (@josephbush)

Just told minister that closure of any community pharmacy is a loss. They take pressure off GPs & A&E

— Sue Hayman (@SueHayman1)


Monday 17 October, 4:32pm

David Mowat, Under-Secretary for the Department of Health, explains the position of the government’s consultation on pharmacy funding cuts in response to an urgent question from Michael Dugher MP. .

MPs question Health Minister on ’s funding for community pharmacies for 2016/17 & 2017/18.
Watch full video

— House of Commons (@HouseofCommons)


Monday 17 October, 1:02pm

Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, is granted an ‘urgent question’ on the pharmacy cuts in parliament, says Kevin Barron, MP for the Rother Valley and Chair of the .

. has been granted an urgent question on the pharmacy cuts in parliament, I hope to get called for a question.

— Kevin Barron MP (@KevinBarronMP)


Monday 17 October, 10:00am

PSNC petition calling to reverse cuts to pharmacy funding reaches 100,000 signatures.


Sunday 16 October, 6:13pm

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) urges health professionals and patients to sign a calling on the Department of Health to rethink funding cuts to “make sure that all of us have a pharmacy nearby”.

URGENT: Sign the petition in support of local pharmacies in your area before it’s too late

— PSNC (@PSNCNews)


Saturday 15 October, 9:53pm

Pharmacy cuts make the front page of the Sunday Express.

Sunday Express front page:
Prescription for disaster

— Nick Sutton (@suttonnick)


Friday 14 October, 4:53pm

The Royal Jizak has said that it is “deeply disappointed” and “alarmed” it emerged that the Department of Health plans to cut community pharmacy funding in England by 12% from December 2016, with a further 7% cut due in 2017. Read the full story.


Friday 14 October, 4:50pm

Community pharmacy sector rejects government plans to implement 12% funding cuts.

The plans could result in the closure of a quarter of pharmacies and the removal of free health services from community pharmacies, according to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC). Read the full story.

Clear letter from detailing why the proposals for pharmacy funding are plain wrong

— Robbie Turner (@CPWYRobbie)


Friday 14 October, 12:58pm

Pharmacy bodies say the urgent prescription referral scheme in England has been designed to draw attention away from looming cuts to community pharmacy funding. Read the full story.


Friday 14 October, 8:15am

Claire Ward, chair of Pharmacy Voice, a trade association that represents community pharmacy in England, tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “the government plans to carry on with these terrible cuts that will have a devastating impact upon community pharmacy”.


Citation: Jizak URI: 20201845

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