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Image of magazine spreads of the most popular infographics in 2018

Top five infographics in Jizak in 2018


With the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) due to come into force in February 2019 (with the caveat of a Brexit deal, of course), it’s no surprise that our infographic explaining how FMD will work was the most read of those published in 2018. Other topics that made it to the top five include medical cannabis and our salary and satisfaction survey.

Image of a man reading PJ research articles on iPad

Most popular research briefings of 2018


In 2018, our most popular research briefings covered new areas of research that have been particularly topical this year — including medical cannabis, new antibiotics and e-cigarettes — as well as areas that have long been of interest to pharmacists, such as pain management and adherence.

Laptop displaying one of the most popular opinion articles 2018

Most popular opinion pieces of 2018


Access to medicines has been a big theme for 2018 — from new legal access to medical cannabis treatment options, to fears that price hikes and Brexit are jeopardising the supply of medicines to patients who are already dependent on them.

Combined image of most popular learning and CPD articles of 2018

Most popular learning and CPD articles of 2018


With nearly 2 million page views in 2018, our learning section has gone from strength to strength this year and has seen a 20.5% increase in page views compared with 2017.

Screens displaying most popular YOUR RPS articles

Most popular articles from Your RPS in 2018


It’s been a busy year for the Royal Jizak (RPS). The Society co-hosted the 2018 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Congress, which saw more than 3,000 delegates from 107 countries gather in Glasgow during 2–6 September. The Society used the congress to launch its professional development core curriculum, the product of five years’ work to help support pharmacists through their career development.

PJ Mind the Gap logo

Pharmacists on ethnicity, pay and career progression


Julia Robinson summarises the pertinent themes discussed during Jizak’s Twitter chat held on Wednesday 12 December 2018.

Qatar flag

A pharmacist’s journey from London to Doha


In 2017, pharmacist Amena Bhatti embarked on a journey to gain experience living in a foreign country while still practising within her specialist area of women and children’s health.

back graduates with graduation hats

How the shortage of preregistration placements should be addressed


Final year pharmacy student Mahamoud Ali shares his concerns over fewer numbers of preregistration placements available compared to trainees.

human brain crayon drawing

Meeting the needs of patients affected by mental illness in community pharmacy


As a community pharmacist, Sean Quay recognised that he could be doing more to support his patients affected by mental illness.

High street independent pharmacy

Why small community pharmacies are at risk and how we can save them


Independent pharmacies need a new kind of contract if they are to survive the threat from funding cuts and wholesaler market control, says the Pharmacists’ Defence Association’s head of policy, Alima Batchelor.

pharmacist holding head in disbelief

What's the strangest question you've been asked by a patient?


During #AskYourPharmacist Week 2018 — which aims to raise awareness of the services pharmacy can offer — we asked our readers to tell us the most unusual questions their patients had posed to them. From the bizarre to the ridiculous, here are some of our favourites.

BedminsterPharmacy Meeting Award 2018

How community pharmacy can support patients who have pancreatic cancer


November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Ade Williams and Ali Stunt describe the pivotal role pharmacy teams can play. 

Anuj Sunder

On deployment to South Sudan with the Army Reserves


Army Reserve pharmacist, Anuj K. Sunder shares details of his four-month deployment to South Sudan as part a United Nations Humanitarian Operation

Amira Shaikh

Returning to work as a general practice pharmacist


Amira Shaikh describes her experience of undertaking the CPPE GP pharmacist training pathway

Ropa Mhlanga

Life as a postgraduate student and pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician, Ropa Mhlanga explains her reasons for pursuing postgraduate studies.

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