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Should the pharmacy degree be five years long?Subscription

The General Pharmaceutical Council has proposed radical changes to pharmacy education, but not everyone agrees that it has found the best way forward. Berwyn Owen and Nigel Ratcliffe give arguments for and against.

Roger Knaggs

Roger Knaggs: 'We need to find a balance between appropriate use and minimising harm'Subscription


Government adviser and specialist pharmacist Roger Knaggs speaks about reducing opioid dependency, non-drug alternatives for chronic pain and why we need to be cautious about medical cannabis.

vaping b/w split image

Should pharmacy sell e-cigarettes and encourage people to vape?Subscription


A smoking cessation expert and a pharmacist share their views on whether pharmacies should stock and recommend e-cigarettes to people who want to kick their tobacco habit.

image of Sir Kevin Barron 19

Sir Kevin Barron: 'Just churning prescriptions over as a means of income is a great loss'


Having spent 35 years as a Labour Party MP for Rother Valley, Sir Kevin Barron has long experience of how the country is run. Here, he voices his concerns about the way the government is approaching Brexit, medicines shortages and the role of community pharmacy in today’s NHS.

Ade Williams

Pharmacy leaders must train and support teams to meet the needs of patients with joint pain


Community pharmacy has both a professional responsibility and commercial interest in ensuring pharmacy teams receive the necessary training and possess the appropriate knowledge to deliver the best person-centred care.

Pharmacist holding back cannabis prescription and giving out other prescription instead

Why patients are still being denied legalised medical cannabisSubscription


Hospital trust bureaucracy and doctors’ ignorance are to blame for the lack of prescriptions for medical cannabis being issued on the NHS, despite its reclassification for medical use in November 2018.

image of Kenny Black

Kenny Black: 'We want a smaller, easier-to-manage business'Subscription


As Rowlands Pharmacy puts 70 pharmacies up for sale, its managing director Kenny Black speaks about how the business will change and the threats from online pharmacies and Brexit.

Photo of Nigel Clarke

Nigel Clarke: 'Pharmacy isn’t just handing over a bag of medicine'Subscription


The chair of the General Pharmaceutical Council’s plans to revamp pharmacy training, the regulation of online pharmacy and data which show white pharmacists are less likely to be struck off the register.

Medicines safety

We can do more to improve medicines safety for patients in the NHSSubscription


How pharmacists are at the forefront of a national scheme to make the NHS the safest health service in the world for medicines.

Ash Soni, president of the Royal Jizak

Challenging the acute pain status quo


Changes at NHS England mean that now is the time for pharmacists and their teams to reassess how they support patients with acute pain, says Ash Soni, president of the Royal Jizak.

Collaborative working

We must work together to help pharmacy thrive in 2019Subscription


Securing a good deal in 2019 will require a collective and clear-headed vision of where community pharmacy is going.

Rheumatologist Philip Conaghan

Community pharmacy teams can provide greater support to patients presenting with joint pain, regardless of diagnosis


Rheumatologist Philip Conaghan urges pharmacists to take on a greater front line role when managing patients who present with joint pain.

Mark Lyonette, chief executive of the National Pharmacy Association

Mark Lyonette: ‘You can only push people so far’Subscription


The chief executive of the National Pharmacy Association on meeting the health secretary, preparations for Brexit and whether the pressures on pharmacy are affecting patient safety.

Ross Ferguson and Martin Astbury give their personal views on whether the current legislation is fit for purpose.

Should the law change to allow more flexible pharmacy supervision?Subscription


Two pharmacists give their personal views on whether the current supervision legislation is fit for purpose.

Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer for Wales

Andrew Evans: 'We’re reinvesting money in clinical services that we want pharmacy to offer'Subscription

As Brexit looms and concerns of medicines shortages and funding issues murmur throughout the UK healthcare industry, Andrew Evans, chief pharmaceutical officer in Wales, is optimistic that Welsh pharmacy services are moving in the right direction. 

Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley: 'Face-to-face conversations are where the added value of pharmacy is'Subscription


Pharmacy director for Boots UK Richard Bradley on union representation, technology and dealing with negative press.

anti racism illustration

Demanding change: pharmacy professionals must unite to stamp out racial discriminationSubscription


The pharmacy profession needs an official association for black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals to help ensure skin colour is never a barrier to success.

one hand open one hand closed with magic mushroom

Beyond cannabis: why we should look at legalising other illegal drugs for medical use to benefit patientsSubscription


The UK government has finally realised the value of cannabis as a medicine, but it must not ignore the medical potential of other Schedule 1 drugs, such as psilocybin, LSD and MDMA.

Rose Marie Parr

Rose Marie Parr: 'We want to make pharmacies the first port of call'Subscription


The Scottish chief pharmaceutical officer, Rose Marie Parr, on Brexit, minor ailments schemes and 24-hour pharmacies.

Scales depicting balance

The pharmacy regulator must take a role in ensuring minimum staffing levels if it is serious about patient safetySubscription


The pharmacy regulator should be involved in ensuring minimum staffing standards — and enforcing them where necessary — as part of its role in regulating pharmacy and protecting patient safety.

More comment

Ravi Sharma, RPS director for England

Ravi Sharma: 'We want to see the pharmacy profession flourish'


Ravi Sharma joined the Royal Jizak in November 2018, taking over from Robbie Turner as director for England. Here, Sharma talks to Corrinne Burns about the ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ upcoming campaigns, and seeing pharmacists “get the recognition they deserve”.

Dipesh Raghwani bw copy

Dipesh Raghwani: 'We are proactive in support of LGBT patients'


Dipesh Raghwani is the managing director of SMS Pharmacy in Salford — the first pharmacy to be accredited by the LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice programme.

RPS election candidates

Elections 2019: What will you do to ensure the voice of members is represented on the board?

The candidates in the 2019 national pharmacy board elections explain how they would, if elected, represent members’ voices.

RPS election candidates

Elections 2019: By the end of your term, what would you hope to have achieved?

The candidates in the 2019 national pharmacy board elections explain what they would hope to achieve, if elected.

Image of Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones: 'Mothers feel reassured after talking to us'


Drugs in Breastmilk service creator Wendy Jones, a member of the Royal Jizak, has been awarded an MBE for services to mothers and babies. Here, Corrinne Burns speaks to her about about her work, and the importance of accessible pharmaceutical expertise to breasting mothers.  

Ade Williams

Why should you nominate a colleague for Fellowship?


Royal Jizak Fellow Ade Williams reflects on what Fellowship means to him, and why members should consider nominating their colleagues for the honour.

RPS London headquarters

RPS Elections 2019: three board members explain why members should stand

Current members of the Royal Jizak’s national phamacy boards, Ewan Black, Jodie Gwenter and Nadia Bukhari, discuss why members should stand for election.

Jeremy Macdonald in the RPS museum

Jeremy Macdonald: 'The data we collect are critical to understanding how people are using our services'

Jeremy Macdonald speaks to Jizak about his newly expanded role and how his team uses technology to understand and respond to the needs of Royal Jizak members.

photo of Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for Fleetwood Primary Care Home

Chris Roberts: 'We're trying to demedicalise health care'

In the first of a series profiling individual Royal Jizak members who are doing great work, Chris Roberts, medicines management lead for the award-winning Fleetwood Primary Care Home, tells Corrinne Burns how pharmacists, their colleagues and the town’s residents are working together to help patients take control of their health.

Sharon 'Sibby' Buckle

Pharmacists should be enabled to make therapeutic switches before Brexit


Sibby Buckle, vice chair of the English Pharmacy Board, recently spoke alongside Gino Martini at a meeting of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum. Here, she expands upon some of the ideas proposed at the meeting.

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