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A person researching suicide on the website

What could UK pharmacy teams learn about suicide prevention from North America?Subscription


From the perspective of their clinical and holistic role, and restriction of access to means, there are opportunities to involve pharmacy teams in suicide prevention. This article examines the published evidence-base and the success of ongoing programmes and initiatives in the United States and Canada to produce a set of recommendations for the benefit of UK practice on the opportunities community pharmacy teams have to raise awareness and help prevent suicide and self-harm.


Breathalyzer illustration

How a breath biopsy test could change the face of early cancer detectionSubscription


A pain-free 1–10 minute breath sampler could enhance and speed up the early detection of a range of cancers, writes Balkees Abderrahman.

CPD article

Urogram of urine in normal human bladder

Managing the symptoms of overactive bladderSubscription

By ,

Overactive bladder can be distressing and embarrassing. Understanding the symptoms, diagnosis and evidence-based management can significantly improve quality of life.

Research briefing

Box of needles and syringes

Needle and syringe programmes cost effective in reducing HCV transmissionSubscription

22 FEB 2019

Study shows needle and syringe programmes reduce transmission of hepatitis C while delivering cost savings.

Prostate cancer cells

Long-term follow-up allays fears that finasteride increases mortality Subscription

21 FEB 2019

Initial concerns that finasteride could increase risk of prostate cancer death have been found to be unwarranted in a long-term follow-up study.

Man drinking alcohol

Naltrexone not associated with serious adverse events, review findsSubscription

18 FEB 2019

The opioid antagonist naltrexone does not appear to increase the risk of serious adverse events over placebo, researchers from the University of Manchester have found.

X-ray of hip joint

Study questions link between antidepressants and hip fracturesSubscription

15 FEB 2019

A previously identified link between antidepressant use and hip fractures needs further examination, the authors of a study published in JAMA Psychiatry have concluded.

Short communications

Impact of opioid prescribing following arthroplasty on long-term opioid prescribing in the communitySubscription

Adequate relief of acute postsurgical pain is a metric of patient satisfaction[1]. Patients undergoing hip and knee arthroplasty — in which joints are altered or replaced — ...

Preventing hazardous prescribing with a pharmacist-led dashboard interventionSubscription

Medication errors that lead to adverse drug events are a major problem, and one that has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization’s third Global Patient Safety Challenge. In the UK,

Clinical Pharmacist

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CP March 2019, Vol 11, No 3

Cover Story:

Suicide prevention in community pharmacy

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Clinical Pharmacist

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